A Step (Workshop with HCGAS)

Freda and Kou went to the Age Concern Hamilton (http://www.ageconcern.gen.nz/) to have a workshop with the Chinese people in the HCGAS (HAMILTON CHINESE GOLDEN AGE SOCIETY http://hcgas.blogspot.co.nz/).

About 30-40 people attended our session. They responded to us very well. As I could not speak Chinese, Freda explained to them about our activities, and what counselling is.

Very fortunately, I had a professional interpreter between Chinese and Japanese. So he could translated my Japanese to Chinese. Thank you so much.

I put some of the photos which the president of HCGAS volunteered to take. Thank you again.

This is a first step for us as the Diversity Counselling New Zealand. We will try to promote our activities.






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