Hamilton Local Settlement Network meeting

I have attended a meeting of the “Hamilton Local Settlement Network meeting”. 

Hamilton Local Settlement Network will meet on Wednesday 21 August to discuss welfare reforms and making Hamilton home.

Guests include Angeline McCormack, Regional Strategy Planner and Pat Goldsmith from Work and Income who will discuss welfare reforms, as well as Meireluci Moraes, a migrant from Brazil who will talk about making Hamilton home.

The meeting also provides an opportunity to network and report on settlement successes, issues and challenges.

When: Wednesday 21 August
Time: 9:30am
Where: The Migrant Centre, Boundary Road, Hamilton



In the beginning, I explained what we are trying to as the Diversity Counselling New Zealand. I felt many people responded to our idea very well and understood its necessity in our community.

I also appreciated that many people are willing to help us. Sorry I am not listing the places and names here that were very helpful for us.

The manager of the Rosetown Counselling Centre – Dawn Raine offers help, especially in terms of counselling work. I am going to organise to visit the Rosetown Counselling Centre at Te Awamatu.


What I thought was that it is so important to see people face to face. 


We are taking a step one by one.





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