Kyra Lindsey’s Seminar

Kyra Lindsey (Experienced Primary School Counsellor from Parentline) presented a seminar on: “Working with Children – A practical introduction”

Her presentation was so wonderful. I show you a feedback from a participant, and some of the photos.


“Wow what an invaluable session!
I found Kyra's approach to working with children refreshing, insightful, and practical. She finds ways to work alongside children, engaging them on their own terms. She is so in tune with children and aware of what they relate to and considerate of how it might be for them an example of this is her attending to the power differences present in the adult (counsellor) child (client) relationship. There is a natural way about her approach, she makes this work seem easy and she is thorough. I feel privileged to have been present and learn about some of the ways she works”.
Participant- Andrew Hopkins











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