Culturally appropriate ways of working with people

"Members of the Family Centre in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, have described and advocated culturally appropriate ways of working with people (Tamasese & Waldegrave, 1990; Waldegrave, Tamasese, Tuhaka, & Campbell, 2003). Their workshops and writings have influenced therapists worldwide. They make clear how important it is for therapists to be of the same culture as those with whom they work. When that is not possible, they advocate for the therapist to be supervised by a person from the same cultural group as the family. A third choice is for the therapist to become as knowledgeable as possible about the family’s culture of origin."


Excerpt from:

Combs G & Freedman J. (2012) Narrative, Poststructuralism, and Social Justice: Current Practices in Narrative Therapy. The counseling Psychologist. 40(7) pp.1033-1060.


Tamasese, K., & Waldegrave, C. (1990). Cultural and gender accountability in the “just therapy” approach. Journal of Feminist Family Therapy, 5(2), 29-45.

“Waldegrave, C., Tamasese, K., Tuhaka, F., & Campbell, W. (2003). Just therapy―A journey. Adelaide, Australia: Dulwich Centre.”


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