BRIDGING THE GAP Seminar on 23 October 2019

Diversity Counselling New Zealand’s Seminar
for Helping Professionals and Community Leaders

“Confessions of a Systems-Jumper”

Presenter: Lindsay Cumberpatch
(Consultant at DV Bryant)

Date: 23rd October 2019 10am -11.30am
Venue: Reception lounge, Hamilton City Council, Garden place
Cost: Koha appreciated

Lindsay Cumberpatch is retiring/”rewiring” at the end of this year after a 13 year association with the DV Bryant Trust. His 8 years as Chief Executive and now these months as Consultant have been the culmination of nearly 40 years working in the community sector.

Lindsay will share some insights from his five different “ministry careers” – from parish ministry in Hamilton and Invercargill; campus chaplaincy at the University of Waikato; managing ‘Workplace Support’; managing Methodist City Action, Hamilton Methodist Social Services; and managing the Bryant Trust.

His encounters with a wide range of people through his work and travels, plus his reading has forced him to confront his privilege and many of the prejudices and assumptions he grew up with around gender/sexuality, class, race, politics, and religion.
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Organised by Diversity Counselling New Zealand