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To promote and facilitate environments to accept the diversity of cultures, ethnicities, genders, religions and languages, though supporting people who come from different backgrounds to encourage their agency and dignity.


To provide professional counselling services to people who have their own unique backgrounds, such as cultures, ethnicities, genders, religions, and languages, in their own language. If it is not possible, a counsellor who is rather familiar with their backgrounds will provide this service.


To provide various activities to promote better mental health conditions among people from their own unique backgrounds, for example, educational courses, workshops, group works, and individual consultations.     


To promote awareness and understandings among helping professions on various issues which people from different backgrounds have, and otherwise which might not be heard, therefore might not even exist.


Our trust offically started on 9th September 2013. It is not easy for us to pursue these missions, and also they can not be done at once. What is important, we believe, is to keep walking toward them.

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