Our Counsellors are Your Safe Place

Through counselling we encourage you to talk about what is bothering you in order to unwrap the root causes and explore the ways you think. Our counsellors may then create an action plan to help you navigate through the issues that is worrying you and extend assistance to develop your coping mechanism. 

Our Mission

We are on a Mission to Provide Culturally Responsive Counselling and Promote Community Well-being


  • Professional Counselling and Family Support Services
  • Family Wellbeing Programmes
  • Tree of Life Workshops
  • Bridging the Gap Seminars

Thanks to our Community Grants for adding incredible value to serve the community.

Counselling is a talk … ​

  • with a professionally trained person
  • which is strictly private and confidential
  • to discuss your goals, issues, difficulties, etc
  • for individuals, couples, families or groups

Counselling is often about ...

  • Settlement in NZ, Life Transitions, Family Matters, Parenting, Personal Matters, Relationship Matters, Studying & Working in NZ, Matters related to your cultures, custom,traditions, beliefs, identity, etc