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Professional Development for Health & Social Practitioners


“Diversity Counselling New Zealand” believes that continual professional development is essential for good practice. We are organising a series of seminars led by a range of presenters who have experience and knowledge working in the fields of mental health, counselling, social work, and education.

Our seminars are opening space for any professionals who are interested in community work. Because of the nature of our professional practice, any people who attend this seminar will be required to keep professional confidentiality.

In the seminars you will be able to share and connect with the knowledge and experiences of others, which can enrich your practice in your field.

If you want to join in our programme, contact to

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Next Programme:

12. Experiences of Counselling in China, Tuesday, 17 November 2015 (See here for more information)

Experiences of Counselling in China”

Speaker: Gayle Chell (MNZAC, Private Practice)


11. Working Therapeutically with Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Tuesday, 6 October 2015 (See here for more information)

“Working Therapeutically with Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Speaker: Anton Roest (MNZAC)

10. Seminar on Wednesday,  19 August 2015 (See here for more information).

Narrative Therapy – Idea of Two Islands and a Boat —Movement towards the preferred as a migration of identity— “

Speaker: Donald McMenamin (PhD, MNZAC)

9. Seminar on Tuesday, 23 June 2015 (See here for more information).

 Using the Tree of Life to re-think ‘strengths’ within cultural values

Speaker: Jenny Snowdon (Practitioner and Researcher)

8. Seminar on 28th April 2015 (See here for more information).

“Sexual Abuse of Males

Speaker: Mike Holloway (Manager, MSSAT Waikato: Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust)

7. Seminar on 17th January 2015 (See here for more information). Cannceled

“Spirituality and Mental Wellbeing

Speaker: Stephen White (Academic Staff Member, WINTEC)

6. Seminar on 9th Deceomber 2014 (See here for more information).

“Talking with Tsunami Survivours in Japan – Revisiting PTSD with Cultural Context –

Speaker: Kou Kunishige (Manager, Diversity Counselling New Zealand & Ex-emergency Counsellor in Japan)

5. Seminar on 7th October 2014 (See here for more information).

“Mental Health: Working within Recovery and Risk

Speaker: Darren Mills (Mental Health Clinician from Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team Waikato DHB)

4. Seminar on 5th August 2014 (See here for more information).

“Working With Children – APractical Introduction

Speaker: Kyra Lindsey (Experienced Primary School Counsellor from Parentline)

3. Seminar on 3rd June 2014 (See here for more information).

“Understanding addictions and mental health

Speaker: Dr Paul Therly (Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Waikato DHB)

2. Seminar on 1st April 2014 (See here for more information)

“An experiential introduction to mindfulness and benefits for counselling practice

Speaker: Jo Wall (ACT therapist)

1. Seminar on 25th Feb 2014 (See here for more information)

“Working with traumatised clients – The impact of rape and sexual abuse”

Speaker: Catherine O’ Kelly

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