Questionnaire: Thrive

Diversity Counselling New Zealand has an exciting opportunity to create a website with useful tips and information to support the mental health and wellbeing of our local ethnic communities. The website will be given the name ‘Thrive.’ The name represents the vision the website has for our ethnic communities, which is to grow and flourish.

The website will have information on recognising when things are not going well and links to resources to find support. It will also share stories of hope from others who have faced and overcome similar challenges. Thrive will be ready in May 2024, watch this space!

An important focus of this website is to recognise and respect the cultural and ancient knowledge and advice that different cultures hold in terms of supporting wellbeing. We have been engaging our local communities through focus groups, to find out what has helped them, in the hope it can help others.

Complete Our Online Questionnaire

We recognise that you hold a lot of information and knowledge that the rest of our communities can benefit from, so would like to hear your thoughts.

Please take 15 minutes to complete our online questionnaire before
15th December 2023. Your responses will be anonymous. Paste the link below to go directly to the questionnaire.